Our Company

Peak Solutions is a consulting firm specializing in organizational health and effectiveness. Founded in 2001, our philosophy is that success is contingent on healthy people in healthy relationships. We partner with our clients to cultivate this health through three simple practices.

A group of people sitting around a table
A man giving a presentation to a group of people

Ranging from large global organizations to local businesses, our clients are intent on leading their industries by building healthy teams. Helping them align and inspire their teams is our passion and our privilege.

Build authentic connections with others.
Uncover and celebrate the innate value of every individual.
Train effective and healthy leaders who empower organizations to reach their full potential.

Our Commitment to You

We know the frustration of unhealthy teams. In fact, we've learned by leading a few. Therefore, we commit to equip our clients with the tools necessary to create a "healthy culture" which is cohesive, clear, and executing – helping them realize their full potential.
A man giving a presentation to a group of people
  • Cohesive

    Employees have high confidence in and commitment to one another. Cohesion beats "Dysfunction."
  • Clear

    Every member of the team has a firm grasp of the guiding purpose, governing values, and desired practices of the organization. Clarity beats "Confusion."
  • Executing

    Teams efficiently align to achieve meaningful, obtainable goals, they know their progress, and they hold each other accountable. Execution beats "Waste."

High Trust = High Performance

Trust is the key to healthy and successful organizations. This foundational truth is the anchor from which we operate. It is imperative our clients be confident in our integrity, competence and compassion. To that end, we commit to:
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Responsibility and accountability 100% of the time
  • Uncompromised excellence in all that we do
  • Service to others first
  • Take relationships and influence seriously
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