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Adobe Acrobat XI Training

Learn the skills you need to work with Adobe Acrobat.

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Dreamweaver Advanced

This course takes students through the steps of creating advanced websites. Included is: Advanced CSS techniques; CSS Rollovers; CSS Media Types - Print vs Screen Media;...

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Dreamweaver Intermediate

This course is designed for students who want to create complex Web sites efficiently: Create Rollovers and Navigation bars; Use Libraries to manage repeating site elemen...

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Dreamweaver Introduction

Learn how to use Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 to produce attractive, well laid-out web sites. This course has been specifically designed to enable you to master the essentials o...

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Fireworks Web Graphics

Students will learn how to use Adobe Fireworks to create/edit Web graphics

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Flash Advanced

This two day course is designed to enable you to design and produce more sophisticated, responsiveand dynamic Flash content and includes: Advanced animation and interacti...

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Flash Intermediate

The course begins by introducing core concepts including Instance Names, Variables, Functions, Properties, and Methods; then proceeds through Conditions, Loops, Event Han...

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Flash Introduction

Students will learn how to use the Stage and the Library, create and format text, work with basic shapes, layers, and Timeline. How to create frame-by-frame, motion twee...

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InDesign Advanced

In this course students learn how to combine InDesign documents into a Book and learn how to create an automatic Table of Contents and set up an automatically generated...

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InDesign Intermediate

The course covers InDesign’s enhanced tools and features and allows you to create complex and sophisticated documents that can be output to print.

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InDesign Introduction

This course is for beginners who needs to use InDesign to create documents such as ads, flyers, brochures, or newsletters, but has little to no experience doing so, would...

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Photoshop Advanced

Explore some of the more advanced techniques available including: Actions and Droplets; Advanced Compositing and Blending techniques; Cloning & Content Aware Fill; Smart...

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Photoshop Color Correction

Learning how to choose the right correction technique is an essential part of mastering Photoshop. Several different tools are available, some more useful than others. L...

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Photoshop Intermediate

This two day, in-depth class will focus on Editing, Basic Retouching, using Alpha Channels, Layer Masks and Clipping Masks, Refine Edge/Mask, Vector Tools, Creating and s...

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Photoshop Introduction

Students will explore Photoshop’s Tools and Interface; making Selections; working with Type; Layers; Fill Layers; Transforming; Resolution Issues; using Digital Images an...

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Photoshop Web Graphics

Students will learn the most efficient ways to optimize images so that they maintain quality and download quickly in a browser, the why and the how of image slicing, and...

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