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Advanced PHP Programming with MySQL

This course examines the issues associated with the development of a dynamic web page. Emphasis is placed on using the power of PHP to link to server side databases (MySQ...

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Creating Dynamic Sites with jQuery

This 3-day jQuery course enables developers new to jQuery development to increase their knowledge and gain familiarity with the jQuery libraries, plug-ins and ecosystem.

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Google™ Analytics for Businesses

This course is for any individuals intending to use Google™ Analytics to strengthen their marketing initiatives and increase the number of conversions or sales from their...

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HTML5 Content Authoring New & Advanced Features

In this course, you will develop web content in HTML5 and CSS3 following principles of responsive web design.

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HTML5: Content Authoring Fundamentals

This course is designed as an introduction to HTML and CSS for those who want to learn to develop standards-compliant web content, with a focus on current HTML5 and CSS3...

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Introduction to PHP Programming

This course lays the basic foundation for using PHP. The course starts with PHP tags, line syntax, and using "heredocs". Then variables, Arrays, and Constants are covered...

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Introduction to XML

In this three-day course students will learn how to create well-formed XML documents. In addition, they will learn about the most important supplementary technologies tha...

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This training is a jump-start to creating and working with JavaScript. This course covers the material you need to know to become proficient using JavaScript with your We...

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Programming in PERL

This course teaches both the programming interface and the techniques that can be used to write procedures in Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language).

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Securing Java Web Applications

This course shows Java web developers how to secure their applications and to apply best practices with regard to secure enterprise coding. Authentication, authorization,...

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