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Business Analysis for Object Oriented Projects with UML

This course focuses on how business analysts and business systems analysts can provide object-oriented developers with concise specifications of the problem domain within...

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Business Analysis Foundations

This course provides proactive, introductory coverage of the knowledge and skills essential to business analysts today and the foreseeable future. Participants will gain...

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Designing and Facilitating Requirements Workshops

To be successful, software projects need solid requirements that have been developed jointly by the technical and the business teams. Workshops bring technical analysts...

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Gathering, Documenting and Testing User Requirements

. You will learn the terminology, process, and challenges of requirements management in the real world. As a result of attending this seminar, you should have a good work...

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High Quality Business Requirements

Requirements make up the primary driving force of any project. Incomplete or vague requirements create serious project risks and raise the probability of project failure....

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Identifying, Confirming & Documenting User Requirements

This is a comprehensive user requirements course that focuses on identifying, confirming and documenting user requirements. Requirements—high level to detail, drive syst...

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Use Cases and Business Modeling Techniques

The business needs must be communicated in a way that supports business user validation as well as providing the foundation for the technical staff to design and build a...

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Use Cases From Concept to Test Cases

This two-day workshop is designed to show by example how to write, review and test use cases. The result of this workshop is an increased understanding of use cases and h...

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Walkthroughs, Reviews and Inspections

This is a practical team-based seminar to show how to perform effective walkthroughs and reviews of project deliverables. You will learn the terminology, the unique issue...

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