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Advanced Oracle SQL Queries

This Oracle SQL training class helps students master SQL using an Oracle database and prepares students for a PL/SQL course. Note that this course covers SQL, not PL/SQL.

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Oracle 11g Advanced PL/SQL and SQL Tuning

This class covers advanced topics related to Oracle PL/SQL (and some complementary SQL topics) with some SQL Tuning content. This class provides the technical expertise n...

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Oracle 11g Advanced SQL & SQL Tuning

This course will introduce the developer to techniques used to provide minimize response times in an Oracle database. Learn how to write faster, more efficient code by o...

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Oracle 11g R2: Advanced PL/SQL Programming & Tuning

This course focuses on the three pillars of effective implementation of PL/SQL applications. First, explore advanced language features that allow for powerful and effecti...

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Oracle 11g SQL Basics

You will receive an introduction to Oracle's relational database, and a hands-on introduction in how to add, update, extract and organize information from the database. Y...

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Oracle 11g SQL Statement Tuning

Students will focus on the Oracle Cost-Based Optimizer (CBO). The students learn to use the Oracle diagnostic tools and facilities: EXPLAIN, SQL*Plus AUTOTRACE, and other...

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Oracle 11g: Database Administration I

The course provides foundation skills in database administration for the Oracle professional. Students develop skills to effectively install, configure and maintain an O...

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Oracle 11g: PL/SQL Programming

This course will cover the Oracle 11g PL/SQL programming language. You will be able to control data sharing and locking, develop an understanding of multi-user and concur...

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Oracle 11g: SQL and SQL*Plus

You will receive a hands-on introduction to SQL Basics and SQL*Plus including a basic knowledge of relational databases and how to access them through SQL and SQL*Plus. T...

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Oracle 12c Administration 1

In this course, students will focus on configuration on supported systems. Also how the database fits in with other systems.

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Oracle 12c PL/SQL Fundamentals

This course introduces one to Oracle database programming using the PL/SQL programming language. One will learn the syntax, structure and features of the language. This...

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Oracle 12c SQL Fundamentals

You will learn how to complete of an application schema definition by creating database objects such as relational views, sequences, synonyms, indexes and others to compl...

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Oracle Application Development Framework

Learn how to build applications using Oracle ADF Business Components (ADF BC), ADF Faces, and ADF databinding using Oracle JDeveloper 10g Release 3

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Oracle Database 11g R2: Encryption & Advanced Data Security

This training course module considers how encryption technology should, and should not, be employed within an Oracle database environment in response to known threats and...

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Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning

Learn to use the Oracle Database tuning methodology by using database advisors to proactively tune an Oracle Database Instance, Automatic Workload Repository to tune the...

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Oracle WebCenter Development 11g

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Oracle WebLogic Server 11g Advanced System Administration

This 5‐day course is designed for WebLogic 11g Administrators and Operations staff that have a basic understanding of core WebLogic administration tasks.

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Oracle12c Release 1 New Features for Administrators

This course provides a complete, hands-on introduction to the newest release of Oracle Enterprise Edition. Key features of this product are fully discussed and demonstra...

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