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Enterprise LINUX Systems Administration

Intended for students already comfortable with working in the Unix environment, this in-depth course helps students acquire the variety of skills needed to set up and mai...

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Intermediate Linux & Shell Scripting

This course teaches shell scripting for the Korn shell and the Bash shell. The student can focus on a specific Shell in class, or switch between the two shells. Typical U...

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Introduction to Unix

Learn about establishing UNIX communications, the filing system and file management, UNIX permissions, how to use the vi editor and creating shell scripts.

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Introduction to Unix/Linux

This course is a foundation for everyone that wants an understanding of the basics of Unix. Some end users will not require further instruction in Unix beyond this course...

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Korn Shell Programming Fundamentals

This Korn / Bourne Shell training course provides a comprehensive review of command line features provided by the shell, and a thorough introduction to the shell's loopin...

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LINUX Fundamentals

Designed to provide the essential skills needed to be proficient at the Unix or Linux command line. This challenging course focuses on the fundamental concepts and tools...

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